The property will be professionally cleaned once or twice biweekly. All our properties are cleaned as standard, this keeps our properties in better conditions for longer. This tend to lead to less overall damages, with the bonus of our tenants really enjoying this service.


Maintenance will be covered and repaired by our team. Our workmen to and resolve all issues as soon as possible, with any furniture replacement done by us. We will always let the Landlord know how the apartment is doing and will oversee any major work that may be required.


Usually, all bills will be covered and paid for by us and charged to the tenant. This way you wont have to worry about missed payments or late fees .

Monthly Rental

Your monthly rental amount will be sent to you every month, no matter if the occupancy of the property. There will never been any missed payments and your rental amount will always be given at your contractual rate.


What to expect

Once you contact us, we will reach out to you and organise a property viewing.
We will then provide you with a quote and send you a copy of the contract to sign.
We will then set up your property and make sure it is ready for our tenants.
You will receive a guaranteed rental payment every month, so sit back and relax!

A bit more information

We aim for 100% occupancy and guarantee rent no manner what, property occupied or empty.

We provide cleaning to our tenants and this ensures that the apartment is never dirty, this stops damages such as rust and damp from occurring.

Most maintenance is done by us with the cost covered by us, with the exception of white good. We are also available to oversee any work which you may want to conduct.

We usually pay all bills and can set up flexible payment methods to ensure that your needs are met.

The rental amount which is given to you on your contract will be the exact amount you receive monthly.

We try to disturb you as little as possible whilst being contactable whenever you require. We aim for happy landlords and happy tenants.